Looks like a polar electrolytic, but it's not. Help?

Hello fellow DigiKeyers!

Background: servicing an AKAI cassette deck manufactured in 1979 or 1980. Pet project and I’m just a hobbyist. Photos below.

I have this capacitor here that has no polarity markings. I have the service manual for the power supply that this capacitor came out of ask well. The service manual schematic also confirms that the capacitor is non-polar.

Markings are clear about the rated capacitance and voltage. No problem there. I’m just a bit stumped on the composition of the capacitor, whether the capacitor should be replaced due to its age, and what to replace it with. It’s a strange form factor, so that has me second guessing myself.

My guesses and tests so far:

  • It’s clearly non-polar as confirmed from the component’s markings and the service manual’s schematic
  • It could be a film capacitor, leading me to think; I’m not worried about any electrolyte degradation, so there’s no need to replace it
  • Component tester does confirm the value for rated capacitance is still measuring to spec.
  • The capacitor is not conductive between its terminals

So here’s the question for the group; any idea what this capacitor’s construction is?
If it was your project; would you replace the cap?

Thanks for your input.

Hello pviddy, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
This Capacitor would be a Non-Polarized (Bi-Polar) Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor.
Closest match, not knowing the size or lead spacing, is 493-16141-ND.
This one is 8mm diameter, 13mm long, and has a 3.50mm lead spacing.

Thanks for the warm welcome to the TechForum.

I see … this answers all of my questions. Thank you for the help! Much appreciated.