Capacitor questions - Viking sewing machine

I am replacing some capacitors in an older Viking sewing machine. i have figured out all but three, and here are questions i have about them.

Picture 1: this is labelled 220uM. I assume this means 220 microfarads but what does the M signify? Is this referring to the tolerance?

Picture 2: this is labelled 200G. if i understand correctly, this means 20 picofarads, with the G meaning a tolerance of 2%. is this correct? if so, i only find replacements with a tolerance of 5%. is it OK to use a capacitor with 5% tolerance to replace a capacitor with 2% tolerance?

Picture 3: this is labelled 4u7. does this mean 4.7 or 47 microfarads (or something different)?

Hello ,

Pic 1: Yes, the 200uM is a 220uf capacitor rating.

Pic 2: Looks to be a 200 uf cap, the G = ± 2 pF or ± 2% so not sure which. Running a looser tolerance could be ok but may limit some options.

Pic 3: Older way of saying 4.7uf

Good basic reference chart on meanings.