Surface Mount Cap Values help

Need some help! For me the First Number is the year is created, second is the UF value and the third number is the voltage value…Please Advice!

So if the Two Cap in this picture will be:
330uf 6v
4.7uf 35v


I’ve seen some that the first line is the series, or a Lot code also, but the second line is usually the capacitance for 330uf and 4.7uf.
The last line would deal with the voltage, but I do not know what the X is meaning. I’ve seen the voltages listed as 10, 10V, or sometimes there is a code, like 1A. If it’s a code, you would have to find the datasheet to determine the meaning of the voltage code.
Looking at these two, you are probably right that they are 330uf, 6V and 4.7uf, 35V.

If you would like us to search for a possible match for these, we will need the size of the plastic base of each one.