Hi everyone What is the value of this capacitor?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I’m checking into this and will post when I find information on this series.

I would say this is a 330uF capacitor but I’m not able to identify the series or manufacturer logo to find a datasheet to get a voltage rating for this. You can look at these 330uF capacitors , match the dimensions with your capacitor and see what voltage values we have available.

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The capacitor you are showing must be a polarized capacitor because of the letter β€œS” on it. I believe it has 3168 pF. In your case, it has 30% capacitance. I hope this information is useful for you.
I suggest using the capacitor with the right polarization; otherwise, it can damage your capacitor.

That is not part of the standard values for capacitors. Also aluminum can housings make it virtually certain that the capacitor is an aluminum electrolytic or SuperCap. Electrolytics and SuperCaps are not suitable for pF range capacitors, they are almost always >= 1uF.

β€œ33” is part of the β€œE6” and all larger sets of the standard of preferred values that most capacitors use.

So when you see β€œ330” on a aluminum can capacitor it’s virtually certain it’s some value that can be written as 3.3 x 10-x F.

If we knew what manufacture it was, it would make it easier. I would say the 3168 is a Date or Lot code.
330 would be the uf (330uf). Other series that had 2 letters like this, the first is for the Voltage, and the second was the Series name. I did not find a D voltage, but C=16V and E=25V. What is the dimensions of the plastic base? Then we can search for a possible match, and see what voltages are available.

Something similar to this.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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