Ceiling Fan Capacitor Help

I’m looking for a 4 wire ceiling fan capacitor. 4uF at 350V yellow; 6uF at 25oV BL and PI, 6uF at 250V G.

The Original one look like it was from a company called Carli or C(backwardsR)US the number is E189841. Can I use a different capacitor? I have limited knowledge. Thank you for the help!

Hello, and thank you for posting on Digi-Key’s TechForum.

Would you be able to send an image of the capacitor you are looking for? You can use a different capacitor, but the size of the capacitor may be important so that it fits in the ceiling fan like the original capacitor. If you send an image we will more easily be able to identify that capacitor.

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Capacitor Arrays can be found here https://www.digikey.com/short/m4j2wpd0. Unfortunately, I don’t see a part with those values in our system.

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Thank you.

Given the fairly large physical size it shouldn’t be too hard to create a replacement module with 3 capacitors and 2 resistors.

The built-in bleed resistors are most likely critical for safe operation. Be sure to choose ones that are rated for line voltage applications.

These would be my choices for the parts:

With a bit of soldering and heat-shrink tubing I think these parts can make a replacement that fits the available space. Although the $20 cost in parts might not be worth it if the fan is a low cost ceiling fan and/or the motor bushings are getting worn out with age.

Thank you. You are likely correct on the price for $44 I can get a new fan. I’m not sure making a capacitor is in my wheelhouse. :slight_smile: I may give it a whirl if all else fails.