Ceramic Capacitors voltage identification?

I’ve got some BLUE 106 ceramic capacitors here that need replacing on an excellent condition 60inch Samsung Plasma TV (On the Y-Board)

Someone has “repaired” this TV previously and has done the “snip the old caps off and solder onto the legs replacements” because these are multilayer boards. (but they did a terribly sloppy job and as a result some of the capacitors fell off)

I am not sure what voltage these are? Is it the color of them (being blue or brown) ?

I think these are 10uf 25v but I figured I might ask before ordering. (Maybe just going with 50v might be safer?)

106 = 10uF

Color is based on manufacturers choice.

Voltage is size related but often with modern multi-layer construction many voltages are externally the same size in through hole mount.

For repairs I use the highest voltage that doesn’t break the bank.

That looks like 0.2" pin spacing so these 50V should fit well

hmm…did you mean to link 10v ones?

Yep, pasted the wrong link, fixed now

Nice these are the ones I had initially selected (the 50v) and had both the 50v and 25v variants in my cart (along with the 79/78 voltage regulators I need.)

Thanks again for all your help!