Help identifying replacement capacitors

I have an instrument (German) with a high voltage component (3kV). There is a small, ~60Hz fluctuation in the high voltage which I believe is a leaky capacitor. Others with power distribution board issues have found capacitors (in this circuit) to be the issue for this type of problem. I plan to test each capacitor, but would first like to have possible replacement(s) identified (if not in hand). The small community of users have generally increased the voltage rating (for 3kV capacitors), so I would like to get >3kV rated replacements (evidently 3kV may not hold up to voltage spikes). I have been able to ID most of the capacitors and their replacement(s).

  1. There are multiple CM / 102M / Z5U / 3kV ones, which I believe could be replaced with these: CGP5C102KUYDAA7301 KEMET | Capacitors | DigiKey (although none currently in stock).

  2. There are several marked with CCERA-MTE / Z5U / 4700M / 6kV. These deviate from the three digit code - but perhaps they are 4700 pF? I suspect these are OK because of the 6kV rating… 564R60GAD47 Vishay Cera-Mite | Capacitors | DigiKey (could anyone confirm)

  3. There is one marked CM / 700M / Z5U / 3kV. This would be a 70 pF 3kV cap if the 3 digit code is correct. I can’t find any 70 pF capacitors - only 68 pF and 75 pF. Is there a replacement at > 3kV rating? Am I reading this wrong?

  4. There is one marked CM / .01M / Y5U / 3KV… I have no idea what this would be?

Here is a photo of the capacitors on the high voltage circuit (orange) FYI.

That would be a 0.01uF (10nF, 10000pF), 3kV, Y5U ceramic.
It appears to be connected directly across the 250VAC input which is a common way of preventing EMI from being radiated out into the buildings power wires.

It appears there is no stock of 3kV Y5U temperature coefficient parts, so you may have to use a better X7R replacement.