Choke Filter Part Identification

Hi, fairly new to this so apologies for a possibly daft question.
Trying to identify the component pictured, I’ve managed to identify it as a common choke filter, it comes off an iPod classic. I have attempted to measure it with calipers and it seems to be around 0.9mm in width x 1.25mm in length and about 1mm in height

Measuring the Ohms, while it’s still in circuit, it seems to be about 3 ohms on my multimeter.

Picture 1 is the component on a functioning board, iPod 30-pin port removed

Picture 2 is the pads left behind

Picture 3 is the component as it came off, in two pieces, it seems to be two of them stacked when attached.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

A selection of uncomfortably small CM chokes can be found here.

A stacked assembly of the sort described seems unusual for a product of the type, but I’d not put such hijinks past a large fruit company. 3 Ohms also seems a bit high, but the parts may have developed a bit since the time of manufacture.

Unfortunately without better references, it’s impossible to offer suggestions with better specificity or confidence. If a person could get some idea of the current flow involved, that would be one data point that could be used to help narrow the options further.

Hello douglsuk,

To find the best match, we would need the impedance, current, DC Resistance, and voltage rating.
Click here for possible matches.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

Very much appreciate the input, I think I can get all these things from my multimeter so will get that info.

Thank you for having a look, I’ll try and get the current flow using my multimeter, very possible I measured it incorrectly, I also measured it while its on the board, so could have been a wrong read. I’ll get the current and come back

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