Circular Connector possibly manufactured by Anelva?

I’m currently building a vacuum system as a part of a research project at my university. I have a circular current feedthrough with 8 pins that I’m trying to find a female socket for (or any removable connector for the vacuum side of the feedthrough). Each pin is 2.25 mm in diameter, the inside portion of the circle is 29.90 mm and the outside is 33 mm. A different part of the entire thing which might not even be part of the feedthrough has the Anelva logo engraved on it along with the number 9290105, which when put into the digikey search returned this:
I’ve uploaded pictures of what was described above here: Current feedthrough - Album on Imgur Any help is appreciated, thank you!


It would appear that the contact housing is part of a weldment of some sort, and given the application it’s likely a specialty item, rather than an item of common trade. It’s possible that it was made to be compatible with some known standard though; it looks a lot like the 97-3102A-20-7P, though the contact size mentioned seems a bit larger than than featured on that item; your diameter seems a bit more like a size 12 in mil connector speak.

Best bet would probably be to dig around and look for some further documentation as to compatible connectors. Standard circulars aren’t necessarily made for vacuum applications, and depending on the nature of your interests, there may be some sort of exotic device available to minimize outgassing or some such.