Circular connector


I am looking for a front removal tool for M39029/58-365 and M39029/58-364. Would it be this Z300-902? I am not sure if I am choosing the right one.

Thank you


You can look at part number M81969/14-03-ND on this link:

This should be the removal tool.

Thank you, Is this tool used to remove from the front of the connector or rear?

DMC removal tools video

The link above will show a front removal tool from 3:08

I willl send this to the Product Manager and let you know.


The Product Specialist came back with this from Amphenol:

Amphenol Aerospace provided the following feedback:

M39029/58-365 - Removal Tool M81969/14-03

M39029/58-364 - Removal tool M81969/14-04

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