Compress rivet in small space

I need to connect a paper insulator onto a board, and will use a 2mm X 3mm tubular rivet (36-3384-ND).
What could I use to compress instead of a punch? (the board is floating and there is no firm surface to brace the punch on)
I have about an inch below and several inches above to work in.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I checked the Internet. We do not appear to have anything. Though I found something at Grainger that si a Rivet Squeezer .
Though this might be to large. Just doing a general search , people were doing it with just pliers. I did not watch the video. I guess that might be something to try. Though I do recommend buing a few extra and testing to see if it would work before putting it in your product. Maybe someone else will provide more information.

Thanks for the quick response. The tool at Grainger would be too large.
I will do as you suggest - order a few extra and use pliers.
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Hi palmeracarl,

You could also consider using snap rivets, which do not require tool and as a bonus do not conduct electricity…

heke, AsamaLab