Rivet or hold down for MOSFET?

Hello, I am attempting to find out what holds this MOSFET down to the PCB. Is it a specialized rivet or may I use any type of rivet?

The top 2 photos show it assembled on the PCB on both sides.
The bottom photo is the bare board where it attaches.

I am new to the electronics world. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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I have never seen anyon use a rivet before . This does look like it works though. I would say it is just a regular rivet and nothing special. Just watch the size .


Hi clinttaft,

Agree with @Verna_1353. I’ve never seen a manufacture use a rivet.

Your PCB and design looks to a few decades old. I would advise against using a rivet for fear of cracking the PCB. A pan head nylon machine screw is a good option. You could also use a regular machine screw but be careful to avoid a short circuit on the solder side of the PCB. That trace that runs the permitter of the board could be a problem if it makes contact with a washer which then connect to the tab of the TO-220 device.

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