Connecter for laser VLM-650-03-LPT-ND

I need connector for VLM-650-03-LPT-ND or which connector can i use with this laser

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You can basically utilize any 2 position connector depending on what you’re trying to plug it into.
I think the simplest option would be an IDC type that can take the 26AWG wire, which is what those wires on the diode are. Maybe something like A31216-ND. Although there are many options possible depending on the application and preferances. Some more IDC options are in link here but you can also utilize the crimp options as well if you prefer those.

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Basically I want to know what kind of power supply I can use with this laser. If you have any recommendations in the digikey itself than it will be very helpful.

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Description: Description: cid:1990156523613839z6cz6d70z58680706

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Hi vivek.jha,

This laser module requires a power supply which outputs between 2.6Vdc and 6Vdc and which can source greater than 35mA. The recommended power supply would depend largely on your intended use of the laser module.

How do you intend to use this laser module? Is it to be used in a lab setting, as an integrated part of a consumer product, as a stand-alone device, something else?