Connector cross reference

We tried purchasing a Connector (MS3106KE14S-2S). We were informed that this Connector has been replaced by MS3106E14S-2S. So we purchased MS3106E14S-2S.
Is there some form of documentation stating one replaces the other???

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not aware of any part number of MS3106KE14S-2S. The standard part number is MS3106E14S-2S. The K is not listed on the data sheet and I have never seen it on the data. So I am not aware of what the K is. This is a Mil Spec part which means everything has to remain the same across the board. If you have a part number with the K, you will have to check the data sheet and see what it is. I see one company that lists the part with the K and no one else. You would need to request this information from them as I can’t pull up any data from them. Sorry. There is no documentation as we have never listed the part with a K in it. So this is all we have.

Found this… not sure if it helps.
MS-K.PDF (152.5 KB)

Well that does help. This one is a special connector that is meant for firewalls just like it states. Yes. Part number MS3106E14S-2S would be sealed for the environment. Depending on if you need that firewall rating would be if you could use the part we sell or not. Great document . Thank you for that .