Connector for Heat Pump Control Board

I purchased a replacement control board for my Fujitsu split unit heat pump. All the connectors on the new board match the existing cables, except one.

The old board has a connector that is 23 mm x 8.5 mm. It has 5 pins plus an empty slot. Pitch is 4 mm.

Here is a photo of the existing cable.

The new board has a connector that is 20 mm x 5 mm. It has 5 pins plus 2 empty slots. Pitch is 2.5 mm.

Ideally I would like to identify both types of connectors so I could make an adapter cable.

Thank you.

Unfortunately we don’t have the versions missing the pin. Here are the part numbers you requested.




Since the new PCB has the holes for the old connector, I’d replace the new connector from the new board with the old connector from the old PCB. Alternatively I’d ask the seller for the version of the PCB with the old connector, since both footprints are on the PCB the manufacturer must make it both ways.


Thank you for your help. It appears that 455-1643-ND is out of stock. Do you have anything equivalent to 455-1643-ND that is in stock? I thought 455-3980-ND should work, but seems to be out of stock as well.

Am I correct that 455-2153-ND is the female connector that joins with 455-2941-ND?


I had thought about that, but replacing the new connector with the old is way outside my soldering skill set. My unit is so old I had to go third party for the replacement, and they were not helpful when I asked about the connector. But thank you for your suggestions.

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455-2153-ND should be a compatible cable mount housing for a 455-2941 header. Note that contacts compatible with the housing (such as 455-2051-1-ND) would be needed for replacement of the cable side connector.