Connector Help

I would like help figuring out what sort of connectors to use for m application which is installing a car receiver, remote amp and backup camera.

I have an adapter connector cable to connect the aftermarket receiver to the OEM socket.

The receiver uses the power and some other wires coming from it, but tnot the eight speaker leads. I’d like to be able to simply remove the receiver if I need access later by just detaching the antenna connector, the harness connector, the RCA video cable and the phone jack style microphone connectors
They are designed to be removable
There is also a ground wire from the harness adapter onto which the receiver, the camera and I think another wire are attached. There is also another three way splice in the +12V reverse signal, the camera power supply wire and a wire to the receiver. These prevent me from being able to easily remove the receiver. I did try just some crimp slide connectors, but they had a way of coming apart as I was working on this in stages over an extended period of time.

So I’d like the connectors to be locking and be easy to see how they unlock. For the speakers it would be an eight pin terminal /receiver or maybe two four conductor sets and the wire is 16ga. The others would be more like a manifold header as one side the wire needn’t be removable, but the other side each wire would be individually removable. This wiring is likely lower gauge like 18-20.

I really don’t know the right terms to search, but I’m sure they are out there, possibly as a set for just this use.

I may need access to replace some light bulbs or something, then again going to all this effort will likely mean I’ll never, ever have to remove it.

Hi @TomM,

I have looked into this for you and I have some options that you can consider.
In my experience installing aftermarket receivers into vehicles, it is usually best to solder the connections between the receiver and the adapter harnesses. When I have needed things to be removeable I have used bullet crimp connectors.
Here are links to some male and female bullet connectors that should work with the wire gauges that you have specified. These should work with any general crimper.

If you want to go the locking connector route that you mentioned here is what I found that should work for your speaker connections.
Female housing and sockets
Male housing and pins
The sockets and pins need a special crimper, this is the one recommended by Molex but it is expensive, this less expensive crimper should work but isn’t listed as compatible.

For the other connections where you want one end to stay connected and the other to be removable, I would suggest an enclosed barrier strip like this. These could work for your speaker wires as well. When using something like this, you want to make sure that it can stay stationary as movement can loosen the screws over time, zip ties or double sided tape can help with this.