Connector identification for Sunon blower fan

Hi, I have recently purchased this Sunon blower fan (4553HQ/EG75070S1-C394-G99 Sunon Fans | Fans, Thermal Management | DigiKey) and I’m having trouble finding a suitable male connector for its 3-wire power socket. I believe the pitch is between 1.4mm and 1.5mm but all the connectors I’m finding seem to have openings that are too wide for this socket (which is only about 1.5mm thick).


Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am going to apologize. I see the part number for the connector appears to be 8826-70300 per the data sheet. I believe. I can’t verify this anywhere. I will do some checking and see what I can find out. I will let you know. It says Aces housing. Though to me it is in the format of a Molex part number. I could not verify it though. Sorry about the delay.

Hi fernando1,

That unfortunately seems to be the modus operandi these days: Datasheets are cluttered with useless legal and regulatory babble while some of the key technical parameters are lacking.

The datasheet hints about Aces 88267, which leads to a crimp terminal.

Not being sure if this helps at all.
Any chance to attach some photos?

Cheers, heke

Thanks, it does help a lot because that’s more than what I had been able to find (I had been searching for the full “88267-0300”). I was now able to find the likely housing for my blower fan on the ACES website (either 50280 or 50285), both listed here:
Since this project is likely a one-off, I’ve also decided that I’m probably better off just replacing that connector with something with better documentation and more readily available that I can easily find the matching male connector for.