Connector needed for hall angle module

I’m looking at the following product:

The datasheet is not very clear about what type of connector is needed to connect to this device. I can tell the module has a female connector with 3 pins. However, I’m not sure what type of connector I should be looking for to mate with it. Can anyone help me figure this out?

Greetings, welcome back! I have checked into this and was not able to get a definitive answer. I have reached out to our Product Manager for this information. I will let you know as soon as I receive their response.

Greetings, I heard back from our Product Manager. The manufacturer stated this: Mating part to this is 3 cavities, coding A the Hirschmann order number 805-121-581.

Unfortunately we do not carry this part. We may be able to do a non-catalog order however, manufacturer lead time and minimum order quantity would apply. If you would like to go that route, please contact