I have a question about the KYOCERA AVX CONN WIRE IDC 1POS 28AWG. I am interested in part number 9176-001-884. There is also part number 9176-001-894 identified for 30AWG wire. The connector drawing and part number table show. 884 is for 28AWG and 894 is for 30AWG but the dimensions for the two parts are the same. So, what is the difference? Why different part numbers?
Can I get clarification from the manufacturer?

Hello tim.trudeau - welcome to the Forum community!

I wanted to let you know that I have e-mailed your question to my Product Manager to distinguish between the two parts. I’ll post his reply as soon as I receive it.

Hello tim.trudeau

The reply from our Product Manager (below)
"The contacts for the connector are typically listed for a range like 28-30AWG, so the connectors will have similar design features such as the dimensions.

However, for ordering purposes KAVX listed two different part numbers.

This will not affect the function of the product."

I have a need for KAVX part number 009176001-883-906. I can readily find the 884 part but not the 883, which per the data sheet has a larger hole. Is KAVX producing the 009176001-883-906? What is the required order quantity needed to move forward with the 883 variant and what is the lead time?

I see on the Digikey web site that I can get 009176001-883-906 with the larger hole in 8 weeks, for $882
Is it possible to get a few samples in the near term? Will Digikey facilitate this request for me?

Hi Tim, unfortunately this part is not in our stock and doesn’t appear to be available as individual pieces, it can only be purchased by the reel. Normally if someone wants a sample we pull it from our Cut Tape, but in the case of this part, there isn’t a Cut Tape version of the part number. It’s possible that it will be added at some point in the future, but that would be decided based on metrics like order volume.