Connector pair G125-MV11205L1P and G125-FV11205L0P specification for serial communications I2C & SPI

Hello TechForum,
Is connector pair G125-MV11205L1P and G125-FV11205L0P specified for serial communications I2C & SPI? Can you please also provide the signal delay across the connectors and/or connectors’ impedance for board layout consideration?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I have sent this off the Product Manager for Harwin. I will let you know when we geta response.


Here is what we got back:

Harwin said, “We haven’t done any of that testing as of yet. It’s probably not something we would do in-house, but we will provide free samples if they want to perform their own testing.”

Samples can be ordered on Harwin’s website.

There is the option to click on samples on the links provided.

Hello Verna, please send me samples of connector pair G125-MV11205L1P and G125-FV11205L0P. Thank you.

Samples can be ordered on Harwin’s website. You will need to contact the manufacturer for this request.

Gecko Male Vertical Connector - G125-MV11205L1P | Harwin

There’s an “Order Sample” tab available on this link.

Hello Steve,
Received samples. Thank you.

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Hello TechForum,
Component Specification C12514 shows under Environmental Characteristics “Temperature Life (EIA-364-17B: 1999 Test Cond. X Method A) +150°C±5°C without load”. However, test duration isn’t listed.

What is the temperature life test duration?

Thank you.
Henry Sarmiento

Hello Henry,

I saw no mention of the test length mentioned for this particular test. I have reached out to our product specialist to see if they are able to provide this information. We will update you when we receive a response.


Hello! We have received an answer from Harwin.

Method A is 96 hours. We’re going to submit a change request to add that information.

Thank you.