Connector pin ID

Would appreciate help id’ing this connector female pin. It is used in a socket for MAXI ATC fuses, accept a flat male contact that is 8.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm thick. Photo’d female pin dimensions are approx. 10.6 x 4.35 x 18.7 mm. Thank you!


This looks very similar to the Type 2 terminals from Littelfuse 913-068

The key may be to identify the power block that it goes into and that may help identify the correct contact.

Robert, thank you very much for your quick reply. The connectors are used in a modular fuse panel in a lot of late-model Porsches. The carrier (power block) for the pins is p/n 999-650-750-40. I believe it’s unique to Porsche, and the carrier does not have markings or other identifiers that would lead me to think it’s made by another company, say as a universal part. (Porsche does use a lot of TE Connectivity and AMP parts throughout the electrical system, though.) Photos attached of the carrier.


Unfortunately I was not able to locate anything. I am thinking with no markings that it is a company building this specifically for Porsche as most generic pats will have markings since the manufacturers want to sell more parts. I did find another similar TE contact, however again it is just similar and not exact.

Robert, thank you very much for your assistance.