Female contact ID help


I’m in need of help identifying a female contact used in a five-pin AMP housing marked “927564”. The female contact accepts a 5 mm. blade male. Dimensions of the female are approx. 6.3 mm wide, 3.75 mm tall, and about 14 mm front-to-back. Two crimps: wire bare and wire insulated, and a single locking barb.

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If the housing is available, that would be bonus. Melting of the original wiring has slightly distorted the housing.

Application is the windshield wiper motor circuit of a 2008 Porsche Cayman. Thank you!



Hello Kevin,

For some reason the pictures are not posting on here for me to see. Can you try to edit the post and them?

Thank you


Hi Robert, my apologies, not sure what’s up, I can see them in Firefox. I am copying them to my web site, perhaps you can view them there.


Hope this helps. Kevin


Here’s the housing:



I was able to verify this housing is a TE part number 927564-1. I am contacting TE to see if this is available and if they can help me to identify the contacts that are in the housing.


Fantastic, thank you!


Hello @kevingross,

I received a response from TE and the contact you are looking for is a posi-mate and it looks like it is part number 342414-2. Unfortunately we do not stock this part at this time and it comes with a large minimum order quantity. I am sure if you google the part number you should be able to find some places that stock it. I am also being told the connector is active, however restricted so it looks like we would not be able to order that. Likely something they make specifically for Porshce and do not sell.

If there is anything else I can help with please let me know.


Robert, thank you! I believe I have found someone in the UK with this part. I appreciate your help.