Connector to join 2 Molex 10-11-2113 connectors

I’m trying to find a male to male connector that can connect two 10-11-2113 molex 11 pin connectors. AMP or TP is fine as long as it fits to connect these securely.

All I’ve been able to find is headers that solder to a board on one end and the 10-11-2113 on the other. I need a wire to wire solution not a wire to board solution.

Thanks in advance!

23-0010112113-ND 11 POS

0.295" (7.49mm) 23-0022032111-ND

THERE IS NO HEADER design that you can mate on 2 ends

closes item is :

The headers you linked to look like there’s a balanced amount of pin length on each end, which might be ok to work, so I’ve ordered some to try. Thanks!