Connectors for the DFRobot Gravity Series

The connectors used for the DFRobot Gravity connections system are from the JST PH series and have a 2.0mm pitch.

To use these connector housings you will need either
image pre-crimped jumper wires
image individual contacts.

If you need assistance with a specific connector, housing or pins please feel free to comment below and our team of techs and engineer will help to identify the parts you need for your next Gravity project.

Gravity Part Numbers

FIT0514 FIT0031 FIT0011 FIT0513 1738-1299-ND 1738-1031-ND 1738-1032-ND 1738-1375-ND FIT0032-ND KIT0111 KIT0011 KIT0018 KIT0112 KIT0119 KIT0013 1738-1158-ND 1738-1111-ND 1738-1181-ND 1738-1136-ND KIT0119-ND KIT0013-ND 1738-1397-ND SEN0245