Connectors with a 1/2" NPT Chassis Mount?

I am looking for connectors with a 1/2" NPT Chassis Mount.

Examples are the Molex 1200840007 and the Phoenix Contact 1420954.

If you are aware of any others, please let me know.



I am sorry to say that at this time we would not have a direct way to search for that size of mounting thread for circular connectors.

When there’s no clear means to select for a desired characteristic, best practice is to apply other criteria of interest first in order to narrow the field, then look for other selectable parameters that can serve as a proxy for the one of interest.

When looking for connectors to fit a round hole, it’s a safe bet that most will be found among the circular connector families. Toss out obsolete product, anything that’s not panel mount, and (sticking with the circular cable assembly family where the reference P/Ns are found) select “wire leads” for the 2nd connector.

Recognizing that a 1/2"NPT thread is ~7/8" diameter, one can try selecting those values under “1st connector shell size-Insert” and see what comes up. It turns out that there’s a fair number of decent leads, which a person can then follow up on via product series name. For the molex reference item that last attribute was listed as “M12” which a person might consider including.