Converting to SiC MOSFETS and Diodes

I want to upgrade a 2.5kW ZVS flyback PCB to Wolfspeed SiC FETS and Shottky Diodes. I have #6 IRFP260Ns, TO-247AC on the board now.
We need faster switching and better thermal management and would like to change out to #2
C3M0021120D or similar, and add diodes and gate drives.
We need some advice on several levels:

  1. Can we or should we move these components off the board?
  2. Can we replace 6 200Vdss with 2 1200Vdss? Any penalties or hazards?



A 2.5kW flyback converter with zero-voltage switching you say? I can’t recall seeing such a thing before. I’d be interested in seeing a schematic and transformer design.

In response to the enumerated points of inquiry,

  1. I dunno; perhaps there’s some compelling reason to do so, but as a general rule the longer one’s interconnects in a switching loop, the larger one’s headaches from EMI and dealing with parasitic elements introduced as a result.

  2. Lacking any concrete information as to how such are used in the present art or in the proposed revision, it’s tough to offer comment with any degree of confidence. Assuming the '260Ns are somehow stacked so as to yield an aggregate 1200V blocking capability, a similar end result would appear to be achievable with a single '21120, with rather lower conduction losses and presumably a drive arrangement with rather fewer moving parts.