CR on a motherboard doesn't look like a diode

I am working on a Six million dollar man pinball machine Solenoid driver board. i have the service manual and full schematics. According to the schematics, CR## represents a diode, however, it does not look like a typical diode. and i get resistance readings both directions instead of readings forward and OL backward. the indetifier on the schematics and on the component itself reads “IN4004” but the item i can find on the website does not match. Can anyone shine some light on this for me?


is it typical to get a 500-600 reading forward and a 1400 reading backward in diode mode?

Assuming the diode has at least one lead disconnected from the circuit.

If you are seeing 0.500-0.600V that’s a good forward voltage.

A 1.400 V in the other direction means the diode is bad, it should read overload/open.