Crimp connector id

I am looking for some help in how to identify a micro crimp connector and crimping tool.
I would especially love to find a kit with various common connectors, if such a thing exists.


A few other pics…

Can you show me more photos of the housing? the housing is really what is going to give us all the correct information.

If you know the wire gauge (AWG) of your cable that would also be most helpful. I wasn’t able to find any rectangular connectors biased on the “LHE” marking you have here.

@ cainrand


That connector might be an item sold by LHE, but we don’t have their products on our site. I don’t know where your connector is on their site, but just as a test run, I tried ‘Wire to Board’ under the ‘Products’ tab, and I noticed that some of these have drawings and part numbers for the housing and the contact terminal.

Those numbers do not correspond directly to any Digi-key products, but I noted that they are marketing some items as “replacement of JST [series name]” or “replacement of Molex [series name]”. If you can identify your product on the LHE site, it might help determine if the contacts are also equivalents to the other manufacturer products. If nothing else, you may be able to transition to the suggested replacement (JST, Molex, etc.) where the housings, contacts and crimp tools are well-documented and more widely available. We may have those on the Digi-key site.

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I think the wire is real close to 20awg. The bare wire strands together are nearly 1mm diameter, probably closer to .75mm diameter

My guess is clone of JST ZHR series

That was the most likely option that I’d found earlier, too. LHE offers a ZH Replacement in their Wire-to-Board section, and both the connector and the contact drawings (“Terminal” section) for that product look very similar to the ZH Series.

Taking some of the suggested contacts for those and looking at the “Contact” section of the ZH Connector datasheet, it shows some promise. Aside from matching the required wire gauge, it seems likely that both connectors and contacts are interchangeable from LHE and JST–at least within this series.

Thank you, for the feedback and direction.