Curtis controller wiring issue

I am converting my EZGO golf cart from 36 to 48v. In doing so the controller needed to be 48v so I purchased a Curtis controller model # 1206HB-5201. The original controller is a Curtis controller model # PMC25864609. The problem I am having is that the PMC25864609 wiring harness has 4 wires in its pin adapter, red, white, orange and black. The 1206HB-5201 has 16 ports for other programming that I do not need at this point so I am needing help with which ports takes the wires. Can you help, there is no diagram explaining what port is which anywhere I can find,

Hello @pstefano,

I was able to find this link with the pinout information.

I was not able to find out which pins you are for sure able to not use. There is contact information on the bottom of the page for EZGO. You may want to try and contact them to see if there is a conversion paper.


Thanks much for the guidance,