DC KV Meter

I have a general electric 0-60 KV dc volte meter Type dd 91 fs 90 uam
requiring an external resistor.

Measuring DC KV voltage out put at very low ma current KV DC from a Rumskoff coil and a ZVS driver and fly back transformer. I have a similar 30 kV but it came with the external resistor. I’m simply looking for the proper size and type resistor allow the meter to read in the proper range.


What size and type of external .would you suggest.



Documentation for the meter mentioned does not seem to be readily available, and would be needed to understand the requirements for this external resistor. If you would be able to provide or reference such documentation, we would be better able to assist.

FS 500 uA

Meter resistance 222 ohm

Range 0 60 KV DC

0.11 V/uA

1v across 0.5 mA 2000Ohm

120 Mohm resistor

What do you think?

This information is still rather unclear; having a manual for the meter in question would be ideal. It seems to be implied that the the meter in question is in reality an ammeter with a 500uA full scale, but is labeled to read 0~60kV on its face. In that case, yes a 120Mohm resistor in series therewith would appear to be the sort of thing needed to yield direct voltage measurements consistent with the labeling. 60kV across 120M implies 30 watts of power dissipation, with (obviously) a 60kV working voltage requirement. That’s not a common set of specifications to find in a regularly-stocked product, though something in that ballpark might be constructed using 40 VR68000003004JAC00 connected in series.

That said, a 60kV source capable of delivering >30W is something to be treated with serious respect, and I would recommend against attempting to make any direct measurements on such a source without appropriate training.