Debian ram memory not identical to STM32MP157C-DK2 one

I followed the tutorial on this page : Debian: Getting Started with the STM32MP157
I have the STM32MP1C-DK2 with debian 10

I know that the board has 4Go of DDR3L RAM but on linux, it’s written that I only have 512Mb of RAM…
Do you know what I can do to solve this issue ? Because 512Mb of RAM is too slow…
The question is how to allocate all the RAM to linux without having to erase all because I did a lot of configurations on my linux.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @thom13 did you modify your STM32MP157C-DK2 ? The factory development kit has:

  • 4-Gbit DDR3L, 16 bits, 533 MHz

4-Gbit = 512MB


Thanks for your answer @RobertCNelson
Sorry, i am not an expert about all these things.
I was thinking that 4Gbit DDR3L was something like 4000Mb.
I googled it and you’re right, so sorry for the stupid question…


Hi @thom13 , no worries, this has been an issue, that has existed in the Computer market for decades now… Memory and Hard Drive companies love to Market their products with numbers that make it seem larger then they are… Even thou, those numbers are 100% correct.

Your not the first, nor the last who will confuse these issue. :wink:


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Thanks @RobertCNelson
and do you know a way to increase the RAM on the board ?

MICRON’s 4-Gbit DDR3L, 16 bits with part number MT41K256M16TW-107-P-V00H could be upgraded to the next density by desoldering it from the board and upgrading /substituting it by AS4C512M16D3LA-10BIN from Alliance Memory, Inc. as footprint compatible IC DRAM 8GBIT PARALLEL 96FBGA.

If you follow @Rolf_Horn 's advice, you WILL have to patch u-boot to support this, all the STM32MP157’s default o 512MB…

Warning… here be dragons…