Delta Electronics/ Cyntec VCMI105T series

Digi-Key 2037-VCMI105T-680MS5TR-ND is listed as Delta Electronics / Cyntec PN:
VCMI105T-680MS5TR but neither Delta nor Cyntec list the VCMI105T series. Is it obsolete?

I am checking with the Product Specialist on this request. I will let you know when we get a response.

Hi Verna,

Thanks for your reply. Was your product specialist able to determine if 2037-VCMI105T-680MS5TR-ND is still in production ?

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I do not see anything back from him yet. Sorry about the delay. I sent him a reminder. Though we most likely are waiting for the supplier to come back.

Understood Verna ~

Thanks for your help.

I got another e-mail. We are still waiting for a response on this one. Though it has been sent. Sorry about the delay again. Just giving you an update.

We received an update from the product specialist and the part is no longer valid.

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Thank you for your follow through Steven