Description issue for MPMT1003AT1

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right spot, so if not I apologize.

I think there might be a problem with the description of MPMT1003AT1, found here.

Per the datasheet, the 1003 indicates 100 is the significant figure and the 3 is the number of zeroes. In this case, this resistor array would be 100,000 (100k) ohms total. But in the description it says that this part is comprised of two resistors, and each resistor is 25k ohms. This only adds up to 50k ohms. Am I missing something?

The datasheet says “1003 = 100K (50K / 50K)”

Nope, the description and resistance values are listed incorrectly. The part number is controlling when there is disagreement, since descriptions and parametric values are derived descriptors.

The button below on the part detail pages is intended to facilitate reporting of errors of this nature, for future reference.


I knew I had seen that button somewhere, but couldn’t remember where. Thank you! I’ll remember that in the future.

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