Digi-Key Magnets and Surface Gauss

When you are looking at magnets on the Digi-Key web site you will see a surface gauss strength rating on many of the magnets. This rating is a result of a calculation using the magnetic material, magnet diameter and thickness in round magnets. Magnetic material, length, width and thickness in square or rectangular magnets.

Since you are comparing magnets with the surface gauss calculated you can compare strength values based off gauss values and not based only on size, as larger magnets will not always give a higher surface gauss value.

Radial Magnet, one of Digi-Key suppliers, has a Magnet Calculator available on their site as well. This can be extremely helpful for calculating strength when adding magnets together. ie. if you take two magnets that are 10mm diameter and 4mm in thickness and stack them you will have the strength of a magnet that is 10mm in diameter and 8mm in thickness.


Applicable Part Numbers

469-1005-ND 469-1004-ND 469-1003-ND 469-1002-ND HE510-ND HE512-ND HE514-ND HE513-ND 480-2015-ND 469-1059-ND 469-1031-ND 469-1024-ND 469-1053-ND 469-1033-ND 469-1025-ND 469-1028-ND 469-1075-ND 469-1061-ND 469-1077-ND 469-1010-ND 469-1056-ND 469-1069-ND 469-1076-ND 374-1106-ND 374-1103-ND 374-1102-ND 469-1009-ND 469-1001-ND HE154-ND 469-1062-ND 480-3621-ND HE155-ND 469-1000-ND 469-1047-ND 374-1105-ND HE511-ND 469-1045-ND 469-1018-ND 469-1006-ND HE515-ND 480-3247-ND 469-1007-ND 469-1065-ND 469-1019-ND 469-1066-ND 469-1035-ND 469-1070-ND 469-1071-ND 469-1030-ND 469-1027-ND 469-1072-ND 469-1073-ND 469-1029-ND 469-1055-ND 469-1026-ND 469-1048-ND 469-1074-ND 469-1043-ND 469-1039-ND 469-1042-ND 469-1051-ND 374-1100-ND 469-1038-ND 469-1034-ND 469-1050-ND 469-1014-ND 469-1040-ND 469-1058-ND 374-1130-ND 469-1032-ND 374-1104-ND 469-1068-ND 469-1052-ND HE153-ND 469-1015-ND 469-1063-ND 469-1044-ND 469-1060-ND 469-1013-ND 469-1016-ND 480-3248-ND 374-1129-ND 469-1049-ND 469-1057-ND 469-1037-ND 469-1064-ND 469-1046-ND 469-1017-ND 480-3345-ND 480-3344-ND 480-3353-ND 480-6139-ND 469-1054-ND 469-1008-ND 480-3916-ND 1882-1311-ND 469-1041-ND 469-1020-ND 469-1012-ND 469-1036-ND 469-1067-ND 480-3921-ND 1743-1016-ND F9337-ND COM-08644-ND COM-08890-ND COM-08914-ND COM-08643-ND 374-1101-ND 469-1011-ND 605-00006-ND 104MG2-ND 104MG1-ND 104MG3-ND 101MG8-BP-ND 103MG6-ND 101MG2L1-ND 107MG1-ND 480-3933-ND 1882-1310-ND 12216-ND 12217-ND 1170-ND 1528-2283-ND 103MG10-ND 103MG9-ND 57050-501-ND
8195 8193 8019 8022 H-31-MAGNET H-33-MAGNET 420-MAGNET H-34-MAGNET 102MG11 8189 8005 8995 8180 8017 8996 9028 9049 8194 9043 8008 8184 8688 9050 NDFEB 10X5X1.9MM SMCO5 3X4MM SMCO5 1.9X3MM 8009 8013 H-36-MAGNET 8197 103MG5 315-MAGNET 8188 8170 NDFEB 6X10MM H-32-MAGNET 8168 8220 8027 625-MAGNET 102MG11-BP 8117 8223 8340 8224 8021 9042 9038 8004 9027 9039 9040 9029 8182 8997 8173 9041 8164 8110 8162 8177 ALNICO500 4X19MM 8074 8020 8176 8031 8118 8186 ALNICO500 19X3.2X3.2MM 8012 SMCO5 5X4MM 8242 8178 CM-1-MAGNET 8217 8221 8166 8190 8025 8218 106MG10-BP 4003004015 8175 8185 8060 8222 8169 8219 101MG7-BP 101MG7 102MG15 103MG8 8181 8174 101MG3 MAG-3015-B 8160 9016 8028 8023 8225 102MG15-BP STE-1042609RFRC H-41-MAGNET COM-08644 COM-08890 COM-08914 COM-08643 ALNICO500 7.5X27MM 8029 605-00006 104MG2 104MG1 104MG3 101MG8-BP 103MG6 101MG2L1 107MG1 106MG10 MAG-2006-B 12216 12217 1170 9 103MG10 103MG9 57050-501