Digi-Key Part Number HF30U-12-ND

I need to know the width of this cable.
I just ordered 2 other cables that were not wide enough.
I need 2 just like Digi-Key Part Number HF30U-12-ND but needs to be a little less than 1.5 "


Please refer to the drawing. The cable width of HF30U-12-ND
= (# of conductors + 1) x Pitch = ( 30 + 1 ) x 0.0394"
= around 1.22"

So would you help to advise the meaning of little less than 1.5 " ?

A cable like WM25117-ND has a pitch of 1.25mm, so a 30 position would be about 37.5mm, or about 1.48" but we do not have a 12" long one. The longest is WM25118-ND (no picture on our site) which is 3" long.