Diode 10DI

Hello all, I am currently repairing my Frogger PCB and one of the diodes is labelled both on the board and in the manual as 10DI however I can not find any results for this type of diode.

Does anyone know what type of diode this is?

I have been unable to get a clear photo due to how it is installed and other components in the way.


Welcome to the TechForum! I am looking into this for you.

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Can you share a photo of the PCB and the manual showing where the part goes?

Absolutely. In the image, I have a pen pointing to the area the diode is in and in the pdf, page 72 lists the part Diode 10DI and page 96 at row C/D shows the schematic of 10DI.

Frogger.pdf (5.5 MB)

Looks as if that’s part of a reset/supply sequencing circuit, and I’d guess that exact specs aren’t particularly critical. SB140 might be worthy of a try.


I believe your elusive diode is actually labeled “10D1” and not “10DI” as you put. It looks like it’s just a 100v 1.5A rectifier diode. Any similar rectifier diode that meets or exceeds these specifications, and fits in the proper place, should be okay. Someone mentioned the 1N4007 as a replacement for the 10D1 in the forums at arcade-museum.com. Someone else mentioned the 1N5392 as that is closer in specs to the 10D1. It appears that they are both available and inexpensive. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. Feel free to wait for the fine people here at Digikey to reply to you if you like. They’re the experts.

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@rick_1976 You are correct Rick, it is for the RESET which the game is currently stuck in.

@slycer2002 100v, wow, talk about overkill. Hahaha…

Thank you everyone for your help. You’re all awesome.