Does anyone recognize this transistor?


Can anyone recognize this transistor? It came out of a car’s computer, and appears to be from ON semiconductor. I wasn’t able to locate much information via google on the part. In the photo with two parts, the part on the left is what the customer ordered as a replacement but found it was too big.

It is probably a 3055 transistor or something like that; check this out;

I am guessing it is this or something similar… this should get you in the right area anyway

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Can the customer provide any measurements or a part number for the part they ordered that was too big? I agree that it looks like a NTD3055L104T4G however would need a measurement of packing information to help verify.


The customer has contacted ON Semi, and they have stated that SGD1062T4 is a good cross for the part. I did a search and was unable to locate information on that part either. It appears to be a 410V IGBT.

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