E-Switch Keylock switch KO130BA126 verify version in stock

E-switch re-designed this keyswitch. All the datasheets still show the old design. The switch assembly is attached to the lock portion in different methods. The old style is held in place with 2 metal pins. The new style is held in place by plastic tabs. I would like to know which version is currently in your inventory before I place an order. The new version is not durable and will not meet our standards. If it is possible to get a picture of the item, it is easily identifiable. Thanks


I have confirmed with our warehouse that the current stock is the older version metal attaching the sides. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Technical reference number T4342271.
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I am going to order this item based on your information. I would have felt much more confident if I saw a picture. So if the item comes and does not match the posted data sheets, I will need to return the item and will refer to this post. Thanks again