Hi All,

Have a quick question about this product, (ED89100-ND).

  1. Is there a similar product available where the pins/tails are bent to the outsides of the blocks away from the center and each other? I have been getting what I needed in the past through a distributor who is not longer in business. However even then the items were a special order.

Thanks for the help! In the meantime I will keep searching
John L

With a little more digging, I found this part ed90266-ND. What I’m looking for is gold plated on the outside as well.

Thanks, John

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum john.lafrancois,
I searched for the surface mount headers like this, with 100 positions, and gold plating on the posts.
Click here for the available options.
Please check the datasheets for compatibility to your application.

Hi David,
Thanks for the welcome, and the help. The part I’m looking for is round hole, what you list in your search is square hole, so close but not quite what I need.


I used to know the MilMax coding system a bit better…But time and non use has a habit of letting ones memories slip.

Can someone give me a little refresher…

In the 853-43-100-30-00100 part or series, can someone tell me what the number groups (between the dashes) stand for? Or point me to a chart that will?



Hello @john.lafrancois,

There are a few part breakdowns on the datasheet Download Catalog Page | Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.