Gold Plated 853-93-100-10-001000

I currently have this part 853-93-100-10-001000, which is gold plated on the receptacle side but its Contact Finish on the Post Side is Tin-Lead.
I was wondering whether there is an identical part which is gold plated on both sides, I am having some difficulty finding it on the 853 series (I’m fine if the part has less receptacles, I actually trim the 2x50 in chunks of 2x6)
I am working with contact post length of 0.102" (2.60mm), which is OK, so I would prefer to keep the same length of the post, otherwise, I will probably need to trim the post too. All I see in my search are pieces with longer posts.


I’m sorry, we do not carry this part with gold on the Post side.

Thank you for the reply.
Is there anything that comes close or a possible contact with the manufacturer of this piece?
Any recomendation on trimming the ones that are gold but have longer posts?

These are the similar options that we have in stock. These all have gold contacts in the mating area, but all posts are tin or tin-lead. This is the contact form for the manufacturer’s Technical Support.

Thank you, I contacted Mill-Max technical support and they gave me a part number for the custom order for this piece to order from you. I will get in touch again if we fail to get a quote.