FFC, FPC, and CIC connectors

I currently have a design where I have a printed graphic with membrane (metal dome) switches and LED’s part of the graphic. There is a ribbon tail that comes out of this graphic/decal and plugs into my PCB (90 deg, bottom contact, Surface Mount). It is a 1mm pitch ZIF connector.

I have been using Amphenol SFW series connectors. I recently learned that Amphenol specifies a different part number for CIC (Conductive Ink Circuit) cables vs. FFC/PFC types. I have NOT been using the CIC flavor and now I’m worried.

Amphenol seems to be the only manufacturer out there that distinguishes this difference, OR the only one that I can find that supports it.

I have seen some returns come back and it appears as the connections to the board are the culprit. The assembly is encapsulated in a urethane compound so it is difficult to confirm.
Does anyone have experience in terminating CIC cables? Do I need to be concerned?