Fields out of order & sorting spitting out weird results

So right now I need to source a MOSFET that can handle a certain amount of current or more… Pretty standard stuff. Only problem? After the redesign, things that were fine before now don’t work right. For one, some fields are completely discombobulated and out of order. And one such example is the “Current - Continuous Drain” field.

For one, why doesn’t this field have a Max/Min input field? And two, why was it perfectly in order from lowest to highest before when now it’s in alphabetical order, which is entirely mental to say the least!

Same goes for Voltage - Supply Min/Max and Current - Output / Channel under DC DC Switching Regulators and under LED Drivers. This problem seems to be all over the place, and again, only after the redesign.

Second of all, when I do a search and sort by lowest to highest (then enter at qty 1 or 10 so it doesn’t give me lots of stuff that’s non-stock or min-order), all of a sudden the first result isn’t the lowest price… You have to go to like page 2 or 3 before it stops spitting out total garbage at you… WTF?


Hello @pecacheu

Thank you for the honest feedback on our changes. I did talk with the team working on these changes and they are aware of the issues and are working to make changes.


Any updates on this, or an ETA when it will be fixed? It’s making the site really difficult to use.


I have spoken with the team and they are working on a number of concerns that have been brought forward and they are looking into how they can fix the issues and improve the experience for our customers. Unfortunately at this time, there is not an ETA on all the changes.


Can you just go back to the old site while you work out the bugs?