Search problems with FET's from Rochester Electronics

Having some issues with parametric search and FET’s. It seems that most component from “Supplier = Rochester Electronics” have properties that are totally unrealistic, like 0.xx Milli-Ohms rdsON, and a couple of pF’s of gate capacitance. I’m looking for low rdsON and low gate capacitance components, and when I set up such a search, there’s a lot of values from these Rochester parts that come up and floods the results for many pages, even though they don’t fit the criteria at all. My search looks like this:

Example of an unrealistic part:
Its listed as having a gate capacitance of 20.3pF, but in reality its 20300pF. So an orders of magnitude error!

While writing this I realized I can filter out most Rochester parts by ticking “exclude” on marketplace products. Still, the parts should be correct.
I’d say all parts from Rochester needs to be reviewed and their properties updated so that they’re correct.


Thank you for reporting these results. I’ll pass this along to the team that is working on these issues. If it helps, I don’t think this is an isolated case, so your system is working fine.

Thank you for your reply. OK, sounds good. I hope it leads to the site improving! I use Digi-Key site a lot for choosing components for new designs and of course components tends to get ordered from Digi-Key as well. Parametric search for components in this manner is very powerful, to have this working as good as it possibly can must be good for everyone.