Figure out small connector on SNC1000 alarm sensor

Would you please help me identify this connector. It is on an SNC1000 Alarm Door/window sensor. Originally branded Ingrid. I believe the pin pitch is 1mm, and the pins are flat blades, not round. Hopefully the pictures help.
I’ll reply with more photos, because it says I am limited to 3 in this post.

More pictures…

More pictures.


You can look at part number WM7915-ND on this link:

If you scroll down and look at the mates, it looks like what is on the board. The associated contacts for the female part are also listed. You can review this to see if you think it would work. I just wanted to let you know how you can see both sides with the male and female.

I don’t see a measurement for the pitch in the photos. But, if the connector is 1.25mm center-to-center from pin to pin, then I believe the connector housing is WM1720-ND, (Molex 0510210200). Click here for the drawing.
image image

The contacts (sold separately) are here.

The male pin header on the board WM1731-ND, (Molex 0530470210).


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Nick work! Jeff, I think the one you listed looks closer to what I have. I estimated the pitch to be 1mm, but 1.25 seems like it could work. Do you sell of the male pin version with wire leads already attached?

That is a very hard measurement to make. I did not find these with the wire leads. Sorry.

Hi @DL6 ,

Your connector does appear to be 1.25mm pitch. Click Here for best cable assemblies found. They have a good chance of working, but please review datasheet specifications before ordering.

PicoBlade 218113 within that list have both the male pins and female sockets.

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The WM1731-ND fits on the cable I have. So now I ordered ‎900-2181130203-ND‎ for my project.

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Thank you @Ryan_2724 for the cable assemblies link!

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I bought
PART: 900-2181130203-ND

Fits well, thank you.


Glad it worked out for you !

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