FN2080-12-06 Potted?

I’m looking to see if the FN2080-12-06 is a potted filter. We will expose it to kentic testing (Vibration, shock) testing. Also, what are its ability to withstand 1399 Voltage spike testing?


I did not find a reference to potting on the Schaffner FN2080-12-06 product page, and I didn’t see it in their documentation, either. When included, potting is a feature that is usually noted in marketing for this type of device since it has significant influence on the behavior of the product and the type of environment it can be used in.

I’m assuming the ‘1399 testing’ is a reference to MIL-STD-1399. There is no direct association between those tests (any version) and voltage tests performed on FN2080-12-06. The only relevant information that I could find was on the Schaffner product page under the Technical Specifications heading, “High potential test voltage” section: [ Schaffner FN2080-12-06 ]

You might be able to exclude some tests–MIL-STD-1399-300-2, for example–based on that information.