FreeRouting Postrouting Error

Hello @ReidLandsrud and @Brian_German

I have new doubt which I want to get solved at earliest.

I am using freerouting tool along with Kicad 4.0.0, but the after clicking on Autorouter, Batch optimizer doesn’t lasts, many times I have to interrupt the process as it is taking too much time.

But by interrupting postroute interrupts and error or errors occured in the PCB and production house sends back the PCB as an exception.

And I also want to ask about the annular ring.

Annular Ring = (Via Dia - Drill Dia)/2
with this formula Annular Ring comes out to be greater than 0.1mm (which is standard for my manufacturing company), but in some areas it is showing drills are less than 0.1mm.

Latter mentioned problem is related to Annular Ring Issue, just by interrupting long lasting postrouting timing, it leaves the holes unanalyzed.

I am putting a screenshot of the error generated by manufacturing house.

Please help me out sir.

Dear @Maninder, I am unable to assist you with this situation. I highly encourage you to post your issue on as they have far more experience than I do.

May the flux be with you,
Brian German

Thanks @Brian_German