Minimum via requirements for DKRed

Trying the DKRed for the first time. Trying to find the minimum via specification. I guess the minimum drill size could be 8 mils, but what about the annular ring? can it be the minimum 5 mils of the trace for a total via size of 18 mils?



Many of the questions on DK Red can be found on the following link. I can depend on the board house based on the info below.

Thanks for the reply, but there is no information on via specifications. I already submitted a design with no complaints from the tool. I did a via with a hole size of 8 mils (minimum for drill) and annular ring of 5.5 mils for a total via diameter of 19 mils. Lets see how they turn out.

I found this additional information. Minimum drill size is 8 mils and pad is 18 mils. So the dimensions you specified would be good.

Excellent… Thanks!!

yeah, it’s 8 mils, you’re right, just checked it for myself

Excellent… Thanks so much… Maybe that’s something that would be nice to have in the spec table for the requirements. Not sure if the online check looks at that, but it could be a source of hidden rejections.

Thanks again.

I’ll get this added to that table on the DKRed Splash Page (DKRed | DigiKey). Thanks!

Edit: It’s added now.

Thank you so much for the fast response, But reading it all it doesn’t address the original question. The drill size is 8 mils, but what is the smallest size I can make a via?

Based on the discussion the minimum pad size is 18 mils, so putting a dill hole of 8 mills in the center will give you a via with 8 mils hole and 5 mil annular ring (effective pad around the via). Minimum via size then should be listed as hole diameter of 8 mils and via diameter of 18 mils.

Makes sense??