Minimum via requirements for DKRed

Trying the DKRed for the first time. Trying to find the minimum via specification. I guess the minimum drill size could be 8 mils, but what about the annular ring? can it be the minimum 5 mils of the trace for a total via size of 18 mils?



Many of the questions on DK Red can be found on the following link. I can depend on the board house based on the info below.

Thanks for the reply, but there is no information on via specifications. I already submitted a design with no complaints from the tool. I did a via with a hole size of 8 mils (minimum for drill) and annular ring of 5.5 mils for a total via diameter of 19 mils. Lets see how they turn out.

I found this additional information. Minimum drill size is 8 mils and pad is 18 mils. So the dimensions you specified would be good.

Excellent… Thanks!!