FTAS00-104AV4 touch screen (part number 360-3038-ND)

Trying to attach this 4 wire touch screen to an arduino and we tried using 1734248-4 (part number
A101414TR-ND) to attach to the FPC tail, but although it had the correct pitch and number of of ports, it was too small. I was wondering if anyone would have any tips on what would be the correct connector to use

jackpot, Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
What exactly is too small? Is the opening for the cable too narrow? According to the measurements, it should fit.

The opening for the cable is too small because the pitch is actually 1.25 mm according to the data sheet and it has 8 pins because they split. The measurements on the datasheet appear to be misleading. The brocure Touch Screen Brochure Datasheet by NKK Switches | Digi-Key Electronics on page L10 has the actual measurements. We are now planning on using digikey part number
WM2856-ND with 8 pins and pitch of 1.25 mm. Would this work or would you recommend something else?