Fuse on driveway gate motor keeps blowing

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Recently after load shedding, the 2A fuse on my driveway gate (motor) transformer keeps blowing. Now even though we have no load shedding the fuse keeps blowing. I have contacted the agents for the motor and they were not able to tell me the problem. I have put in a 5A fuse and it is working. I know this is not the right thing to do but needed a temporary quick fix. Is there any part on the small PC board that may require replacing?
Thanking you in advance.

If you are still needing to replace your 2Amp fuse, something on your board is most likely damaged.
I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to see what they recommend.

Hi @bajxpressprint ,

You may also want to make sure the 2A fuse you are replacing is a “slow blow” fuse, as these can handle inrush current surges. Also make sure there is nothing slowing down the gate movement, sometimes cleaning and a good oiling of moving parts may help. If the motor is getting bad, replacement or an electronics/motor cleaner spray may help such like below:





Thank you Rhonda and Ryan.

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