Having trouble finding a part

I have a transistor that I am having trouble finding the number on it is
It is off a power supply for a Vizio TV

Hi curtiswandfluh,

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Not finding anything right off the bat. Would it be possible for you to send a few good images of it? That might increase the odds a bit.

Hi curtiswandfluh,

It might be a 2SD478, as it looks like they are sometimes marked as “D478”. They come in a TO-220 style package, like this:

We do not carry this part, but according to documentation I found for the 2SD478, it’s used for vertical deflection output in TV’s.

Assuming that is what it is, the nearest match we have to that is probably the following, which is also used for vertical deflection output in TV’s:

No guarantees on this, but my best guess.

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Assuming it is a 2SD478, my Sam’s transistor cross reference shows these substitutes:

NTE = NTE375 (https://www.digikey.com/short/zdz8qv)
RCA = SK9118
Zenith = 121-Z9010